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Office of Veterans and Military Affairs (OVMA) at Lehman College

Mission and Vision Statement

The Office of Veterans and Military Affairs is committed to supporting the Lehman College’s VA community in pursuit of their higher learning degree for their professional development by identifying, addressing, and advocating for their evolving needs; we do this by exceptional programming and mentorship ensuring compliance with College, University, and the Veteran Affair’s educational benefits regulations.


The OVMA’s goals are to:

  • Facilitate the best practices of utilizing the VA student’s entitled/eligible military educational benefits
  • Promote engagement and networking through event programming
  • Connect Lehman College’s VA community with various available internal or external resources
  • Raise awareness on the College’s campus community of the various issues the VA community face through collaborative workshops and events
  • Create a One-Stop-Shop by streamlining the VA educational benefits certification process
  • Strive to innovate and improve all processes and services to guarantee customer satisfaction
  • Continue to uphold the standards in order to earn various “Military Friendly” awards and badges