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Sophomore Year Initiative

Sophomore Year Initiative (SYI)

Welcome to the Sophomore Year Initiative (SYI) web page,SYI was a Title V Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) grant-funded program administered by the United States Department of Education (USDOE) from 2012 to 2017. SYI was a collaborative program between the divisions of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, including the offices of Undergraduate Academic Advisement, Career Services, College Counseling Services, and the Instructional Support Services Program (ISSP).

The mission of SYI was to provide support services and programming to first-time full-time freshmen (FTFTF) during their second, third, and fourth semesters of study as well as transfer students who enter as sophomores. The program aims to promote academic success, retention and persistence, increase rate of progress towards graduation, facilitate student early selection of a major area of study, and to encourage campus and community engagement. The SYI program provided students with academic and career advisement, personal counseling, and tutoring support for academic writing as well as the social and natural sciences. The program also cultivated faculty and staff collaboration in sponsorship of major fairs, career and major events and workshops, and opportunities for students to engage in pre-major clubs and other campus activities.

Effective Monday October 2nd, 2017, the programs and services of the Sophomore Year Initiative (SYI) are being provided directly by Lehman College. Over the last five years, the program has been very effective in enhancing retention and graduation rates for freshmen and sophomores at Lehman.

Many of the features of the SYI program will become part of the fabric of Lehman’s services for students.

  • Students remaining in the SYI cohort will continue to receive extensive academic advising support from SYI Advisor, Mike Kaler.

  • Students who joined the college in Fall 2017 will be advised by Gina Immucci, Senior Academic Advisor who will transition to a new Freshman College Program.

  • SYI Counseling and Career advisors, Myrna Noble Headad and Angela Ho will maintain support to freshman and sophomore year students and will offer workshops geared to helping students to succeed and choosing their majors and career paths. Students will also continue to be referred for tutoring services.

  • The college will also extend provision of the early alerts system STEAR. If students  need support in a particular class academic advisors will continue to reach out to students when faculty trigger an alert in STEAR to  create a plan and guide them  to services on campus like tutoring, counseling, careers and academic advising.

  • We expect that the Lehman community will continue to attend and support our signature events, Welcome Back at the start of the semester; The End of Year Awards for students who have earned a high GPA and for those who improve significantly in the academic year and the Major Minor Fair where students have the opportunity to meet with faculty, alumni and staff to learn about all sorts of majors and how they may be applied in the real world.

Our thanks to the SYI staff team for their dedication.  We are also grateful to the many student leaders and volunteers who have supported the office and the many staff at Lehman who contributed to the work of the SYI over five years of the project.