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Office of the Registrar at Lehman College



When should you file?

If the Fall is your final semester, you must apply during the Fall Graduation Application Period. If the Spring is your final semester and you are not taking Summer courses, you must apply during the Spring Graduation Application Period. If Summer is your final semester, you must apply during the Summer Graduation Application Period. The deadlines for the application periods are listed on the corresponding Academic Calendar. Prior to applying for graduation, kindly visit an Academic and a Department Advisor to ensure you have met all the requirements for graduation.

How do I know what is required for my degree?

In order to qualify for graduation, students must satisfy the following requirements:

Bachelor's Degree:

  • (120) cumulative credits
  • (30) credits is "Overall Residency"
  • At least 1/2 the number of credits in the declare major for "Major Residency"
  • All "General Education" requirements completed
  • All "Major" course requirements completed
  • (2.0) GPA in declared major
  • (2.0) GPA in overall credits completed

Master's Degree:

  • At least (30) cumulative credits
  • At least 1/2 total graduate credits OR (18) credits in "Residency" (whichever is greater)
  • All "Major" program requirements completed
  • (3.0) GPA in declared major
  • (3.0) GPA in overall credits completed


I have two majors. Do I get two diplomas?

As students approach graduation, you will have two (2) diploma options based on the number of credits attained:

One Diploma

Students who have completed requirements for two (2) majors from different degree types (i.e. - BA and BS) but have not reached at least (150 credits) cumulatively will only be awarded one (1) diploma with one degree type and major. The second major will appear as a comment on your Official Transcript. In addition, students who have completed two majors with the same degree type (i.e. - BA and BA) will receive 1 diploma.

Two Diplomas

Students who have completed requirements for two (2) majors from different degree types (i.e.- BA and BS) must complete an additional (30 credits) in residence beyond the required (120 credits) for a total of (150 credits) in order to be awarded two (2) Diplomas.

How soon will I receive my diploma?

Your diploma will be ready within two to three months from your graduation date. You will receive an email to your LC email account indicating when it can be picked up at the Office of the Registrar’s in room SH-102.

*Your Lehman College email will remain active as long as you update your password. For assistance with your email, you can contact the IT department at (718)960-1111.

How can I obtain my diploma?

Your diploma may be obtained through one of the following methods"

  • You may pick-up your diploma in the Office of the Registrar, Shuster Hall Room 102
  • You may send someone in your place. The individual must bring the completed and signed Authorization Letter for Diploma Pick-up, a valid government issued photo ID and a copy of the student’s valid government or Lehman issued photo ID.
  • You may to have your diploma mailed to your home or work. Please send a Diploma Mailing Request with a 9 ½ x 12 ½ Padded Priority Mailer from the U.S Post Office, self-addressed and prepaid.

NOTE: Your diploma will be held at the Office of the Registrar if you have a Negative Service Indicator on your student record.

My diploma was damaged, lost, or stolen. How can I obtain a new one?

Kindly bring in or mail in the following in complete a request for a new diploma:

  • A completed Diploma Re-Order Form
  • Valid Photo ID (Government Issued)
  • $30.00 money order signed and made out to Lehman College
  • If damaged, you are required to bring in the old diploma

I have 120 Credits. Why can't I graduate?

In addition to completing 120 credits, students are also required to satisfy the following requirements:

  • (120) cumulative credits
  • (30) credits is "Overall Residency"
  • At least 1/2 the number of credits in the declare major for "Major Residency"
  • All "General Education" requirements completed
  • All "Major" course requirements completed
  • (2.0) GPA in declared major
  • (2.0) GPA in overall credits completed

I received an F, INC, and/or WU in a class I needed to graduate. What happens to my graduation status now?

If you have failed a required course, you will not be eligible to graduate that semester. However, if you register for that failed requirement during the subsequent semester, your candidacy for graduation will be moved to the upcoming semester.
Incomplete (INC) grades must be resolved prior to the date of graduation. Click here for more information on the policy for INC grades.

Is there a Commencement Ceremony for every semester?

There is only one ceremony per year ath the close of the Spring semester. However, there are four (4) different conferral dates:

  • January 1st (For students finishing requirements during the Fall semester of the prior year)
  • February 1st (For students finishing requirements during the Winter session of the same year
  • May/June (For students finishing requirements during the Spring semester of the same year)
  • September 1st (For students finishing requirements during the Summer session of the same year)

As long as your graduation date is within the calendar year, you will be able to attend the ceremony.

Where can I find out more information regarding the Commencement Ceremony?

Information regarding cap and gowns, rings, photos, yearbook, etc, can be found in the Office of Student Affairs, located in Shuster Hall 204. You may also view Commencement information online on the Commencement Ceremony page on the Lehman Website.

I participated in the Commencement Ceremony. Does this mean I officially graduated?

Participation in the Commencement Ceremony does not mean that you have officially graduated from Lehman College. Commencement Exercises are held too soon after examinations for any May and September graduates to have their records completed. You will receive a conferral email once your record has been closed in CUNYfirst.

My CUNYfirst account says I'm "Applied for Graduation" or "Pending." Can I participate in the Commencement Ceremony?

Yes, these statuses indicate that you are a candidate for graduation. Therefore, you may participate in the ceremony.

How can I check my Graduation Status?

  • Login to CUNYfirst
  • Access "Student Center" Page
  • In the "Academics" section of the Student Center page, select the "My Academics" hyperlink
  • In the "Graduation" section of the My Academics page, select the "View my Graduation Status" hyperlink

I recevied a letter or email from this office. What should I do?

If you receive a letter and/or email from the Office of the Registrar read it carefully and follow any instructions listed on the letter. You may visit our office to follow up to ensure the issue has been resolved. When visiting the office, kindly have the information readily available for us to review. You may also email the Graduation Specialist Team for further inquiries at


Transcripts/Student Records

How do I View My Grades?

Grades can be viewed in CUNYfirst Student Center. Click Here for navigation and instructions.

Can I have a copy of my transcript from other schools?

We can only provide transcripts issued by Lehman College. Documents originating from other institutions must be requested by the originating institution.

How do I request for a transcript?

For information on how to order a transcript, click here. To view information on transcript orders placed in-person or by mail, click here.

How can I check the status of my order?

To check the status of your order, click here. You will need your original order number as well as the Student ID number or Social Security number that you entered on your order.

How do I change my Address/Email/Phone Number?

For information on how to update your Address, Email, or Phone Number, click here. Kindly note, students can only update the Home, Mailing, and Billing address types on CUNYfirst. To update the Permanent address, students may submit their request by email from their Lehman College email account. Former students or alumni can complete the Personal Data Change Request Form and submit by email. All requests can be emailed to Records.Transcripts@Lehman.Cuny.Edu.

First semester students should contact the Admissions Office, Shuster Hall 161 to change their address.

How do I change my Social Security Number?

Changes or correction of National ID must be accompanied by a completed Personal Data Change Request Form and an original, signed Social Security Card or Taxpayer Identification Number (if student does not have a Social Security number) and government issued Photo ID.

How do I change my Name?

Students must visit Shuster Hall 102 to initiate a change of name using the Personal Data Change Request Form and by providing two (2) types of appropriate legal documentation. The following guidelines below outline the types of documents that can be submitted as valid documents. All documents and identification presented must have the current legal name.

  • Marriage- Marriage License and government issued ID
  • Divorce- Divorce Decree/ Annulment and government issued ID
  • Naturalization- Certificate of Naturalization and government issued ID
  • Court ordered- Final Court order and government issued ID
  • Adoption- Adoption order and government issued ID

Name Changes will reflect on the student's official academic transcript and diploma.

When is a grade of "WD" and/or "W" assigned to a course?

If you drop a course during the first week of classes, the course will be deleted from your transcript. If you drop a course during the Withdrawal Drop period (typically the 2nd and 3rd week of classes), a grade of "WD" will be assigned to the course. The "WD" grade will not affect your GPA and will not appear on your unofficial/official transcript. If you drop a course during the Withdrawal period, a grade of “W” will be assigned to the course. The "W" grade will not affect your GPA, however, will appear on your unofficial/official transcript. All withdrawal periods can be found on the respective Academic Calendars.

How do I add or drop a course?

For instructions on how to add a course, click on "Enroll Classes PDF Icon." For instructions on how to drop a course, click on "Drop Classes PDF Icon."

How do I get a grade changed?

Students dissatisfied with the grade awarded in a course must first contact the instructor of that course. It is the instructor's sole judgment that determines the grade recorded with the Office of the Registrar. View a current copy of the Lehman College Bulletin for details and limitations on the grade appeal process.


How does a student identify courses at CUNY to apply for an ePermit in CUNYfirst?

Students may select in Self Service the ePermit option. This enables students to search across CUNY for equivalent courses with a link to scheduled class sections for a specific term.

How many ePermits can I submit for one course?

Each permit request is for a single course and its equivalent. Therefore, when applying for an ePermit, students can select multiple institutions for each course equivalent. Student should not submit multiple or duplicate requests per institution for the same course.

How can a student check the status of submitted ePermit request?

You may view the status of your ePermit by using the following navigation:

  • Log into your CUNYfirst account
  • Select Student Center/ Self-Service/ Other Academics
  • Select “ePermit” from the drop down menu
  • Select the Term for your HOME College
  • Select “Search ePermit”
  • Click on the ePermit of the status you wish to check
  • Select “Continue”

Note: An approved ePermit does not automatically register a student for a course, nor does issuance of an ePermit guarantee enrollment at the HOST College.

How will my course(s) be transferred to my Lehman record?

Courses will be transferred to the HOME College and recorded with the grade assigned by the HOST College which will include their combined GPA. The number of credits transferred for each course will be the value assigned by the HOST College and not the HOME College. (e.g., BIO 181 is 4 credits at HOME College, an equivalent course taken on permit is 3 credits at the HOST College; upon transfer the student is awarded 3 credits on their HOME College transcript with the HOST College's name duly noted.)

How do I cancel my approved ePermit request/course?

A student may cancel his/her ePermit request at any time prior to registering at the HOST College. If a student enrolls in a course at the selected HOST College and decides not to attend the course, it is the student’s responsibility to cancel the course registration at the HOME and HOST campuses as well as the ePermit request. The students must notify their HOME College of the cancellation request before classes begin to avoid a tuition liability and to prevent any academic consequences. An ePermit cancelled after the first day of the term is subject to CUNY refund policy dates and deadlines published in the Academic Calendar.

Will I receive Financial Aid for the course(s) taken on ePermit?

It is the student’s responsibility to make certain that his/her total credits meet financial aid eligibility and credit load requirements. Students should meet with an academic advisor at their HOME College with any course related questions. Questions concerning financial aid can be addressed by a financial aid counselor at the HOME College.

Where do I pay for the courses I take on ePermit?

Tuition is charged and paid at a student’s HOME College. Students eligible for financial aid are to apply through their HOME College and are responsible for meeting any credit load requirements. Tuition is calculated based on the HOST College credits. Courses for which material fees are applied are paid by the student to the HOST College.


How can I get my TAP if I have accumulated 60 credits and declared a major past the deadline?

Once a student fails to declare a major on or before a deadline, he/she loses TAP for that particular semester. There are no exceptions.

Must the ATB requirement be met before the first day of classes for the term seeking aid?

Students must take the ATB exam within the add/drop period of the term, even if the student is given permission to retake the ATB exam.

How can a first-time state aid recipient become eligible if they do not have a High School Diploma or GED from within the United States?

To become eligible for state aid, the student must pass the ATB exam prior to the census date of the corresponding term, if they do not possess a High School Diploma or GED from within the United States.

Is a home-schooled student eligible for state aid?

Yes. A home-schooled student is eligible for state aid if they have a letter from the District Superintendent, or the student can take and pass an approved ATB Exam or the GED Exam.

Does a student have to take an ATB Exam if they have an Individualized Education Diploma (IEP) diploma?

Yes. A student must pass an ATB Exam. IEP diplomas are not equivalent to a local or Regents Diploma.

Can schools still accept affidavits for students stating that they have a High School Diploma from outside of the United States?

No. Effective July 1, 2006, students without a High School Diploma from the United States must have passed an approved ATB exam.

Would students have to obtain a GED or do the credits alone meet the ATB requirement?

If the student has earned the SED required 24 core credits, they must obtain a GED to prior to the first day of classes to fulfill the ATB requirement