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Peer Educator Program

Welcome to the Lehman College Division of Student Affairs Peer Educator Program

Peer Educator Program Logo

Multiple Paid Student Positions Available:

  • Campus Life
  • Career Services
  • Child Care Center
  • Community Engagement and New Student Programs
  • Counseling Center
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Disability
  • Urban Male Leadership Program

*Please see job descriptions below

Gain practical experience valued by graduate schools and employers!

Job descriptions & responsibilities according to participating departments

Career Services

A Peer Educator at Career Services will:

  • Participate in outreach efforts related to career development workshops, recruitment, and job/internship fairs
  •  Assist students in the Career Lab with resumes and cover letters, identify part-time/full-time employment opportunities posted in our online job database, and identify other online resources
  • Demonstrate use of Focus2, a career guidance and exploratory tool
  • Register students on College Central Network, our career services management system
  • Provide administrative and office support as needed

It is required that Peers attend all training sessions and meetings specific to the Career Services Center and maintain the confidentiality of our students. Students come to Career Services to learn how to develop the skills needed to compete effectively in their career journey. Therefore, not only do we teach and inform them, but also lead by example.

Campus Life

Peer Educators will have a working knowledge of Campus Life Policies and Procedures with respect to Student Club recognition, space reservations, yearbook procedures and special event programming and will be expected to function in assistance of these programs .Peer Educators will also be expected to be of assistance to programs such as the Herbert H. Lehman Institute for Student Leadership Development, Intramural Sports Programs, Campus Information Services Role and Function, College ¡§Guest Policies¡¨, Ticket Procedures, and Supervision of Events. They will also be trained and taught the use of current theories and practices in Student Affairs.

The Counseling Center

In conjunction with our staff, Peer Educators will assist in outreach and educational activities that will provide programmatic support for our center. Peer Educators assist in administrative functions, organization of psycho-educational workshop and creative marketing strategies. They promote events and increase awareness on such issues as depression, anxiety, eating disorder, alcohol misuse, sexual assault and relationship violence. Through their interaction with their peers they reduce the stigma of mental health and increase help seeking behaviors. Peer Educators are seen weekly for group supervision and they are exposed to general counseling skills, confidentiality and ethical issues that are used in their interactions with student groups. Their work is supervised by the Director and our professional staff. Responsibilities will also include assisting with our newsletter, creating flyers, overall management of our website and mental health screenings, as well as supervising the Personal Development Center.

Community Engagement and New Student Programs

In an effort to create a solid program, Peer Educators will assist with outreach. They will not only reach out to local agencies in the Bronx and surrounding areas through phone calls, meetings and written communication to build partnerships in a reputation for the Community Engagement and New Student Programs, but also seek support within the community of Lehman students. Peer Educators will participate as site leaders for one-day service projects throughout the community. As leaders of these service projects, they will need to utilize cooperation and willingness to work in teams with other Peers, great public speaking skills to inform and motivate others about each project, and relationship building skills to forge better professional relationships with staff and their fellow Peers. Responsibilities will also include working with New Student Programs and helping to organize half-day service projects. The ability to work with agencies and non-profit organizations in a professional manner is crucial to the success of this program and the Peer Educators development. Peer Educators will be responsible for tracking participants, developing an on-line RSVP program and collecting data related to completed projects, which will help market Service-Learning to Lehman faculty and staff in the future.

Student Disability Services

At SDS, our Peer Educators become an integral part of the overall office operation. Our peers have the opportunity to interact with students, assist in development of workshops, outreach to the college community, and work with our student advisory board. Past assignments have included development of special programs, creating a newsletter, researching scholarship opportunities, working with textbook publishers to obtain books in alternate formats, teaching students to use specialized equipment and assisting students with registration. Our peers work in tangent with our professional staff to ensure the ¡§full participation, access and opportunity¡¨ of all Lehman students. We are looking for enthusiastic students who have initiative and want to learn a lot.

Urban Male Leadership Program

The Center for Urban Male Leadership is looking for highly motivated, spirited and ambitious individuals. As a Peer Educator in this center you will engage in: group leadership activities, program development, outreach coordination, retreat logistics, workshop scheduling, newsletter creation and Center outings. The Center for Urban Male Leadership is committed to more than creating Leaders; we're committed to Changing Lives.

Child Care Center

In conjunction with our staff, Peer Educators will assist parents at the Child Care Center. Peer Educators will assist in creating organizing workshops and training for parents, and provide assistance in special events. Other duties include updating the parent resource center and binder. Activities will consist of assisting in program planning, outreach and administration of child care services as needed.

Financial Aid Office

In conjunction with our counselors, Peer Educators will work in our Computer Lab assisting students, parents, alumni and prospective students with completion of their FAFSA and Loan applications. Other duties include assisting with workshops and providing basic office support. We are looking for students that exhibit extreme patience and energy with willingness to be a team player.

International Student and Scholar Office

ISSO is dedicated to providing services, programs and activities that facilitate U.S immigration compliance and cross-cultural learning experiences that assist international student and scholars in meeting their academic, personal growth and professional goals.