Arzola, Rebecca
B.A., Lehman College; M.S. Ed., Lehman College; M.L.S., Pratt Institute
Government Documents-Collection Development Librarian
Subject: Sociology, Latin American, Latino and Puerto Rican Studies, Spanish
Room 121A

Brea, Angelina
Higher Education Assistant
Reserve Manager
Room 130

Cohen, Madeline
Assistant Professor
B.A., Hunter College; M.L.S., University of Maryland; M.A., Hunter College
Head of Reference
Subject: Political Science
Room 106

Diaz, Raymond
B.S., Lehman College
IT Academic Technology Specialist
Room B09

Ehrenpreis, Michelle
B.A., Ramapo College of New Jersey; M.L.I.S., Pratt Institute
Electronic Resources-Systems Librarian
Subjects: Computer Science, Psychology
Room 119

Farrell, Robert
Associate Professor
A.B., Columbia College; M.L.S., University at Buffalo; M.A., CUNY Graduate Center
Coordinator of Information Literacy and Assessment
Subjects: English-Contemporary Literature, Philosophy and Religion, Classics, Greek and Latin
Room 109

Havelka, Stefanie
Assistant Professor
B.S., Stuttgart Media University; M.C.I.S., Rutgers University; M.S.L.I.S., Syracuse University; CAS Digital Libraries, Syracuse University
Web and Mobile Services Librarian
Subjects: Languages and Literature, French, Computer Science
Room 119

Jocson-Singh, Joan
Assistant Professor
B.A., State University of New York Albany; M.L.I.S., Pratt Institute; M.A., Hunter College
Head of Technical Services
Subject: Women's Studies, Japanese
Room 128

Katz, Stacy
B.S., Cornell University; M.L.S., Simmons College
Open Resources Librarian-STEM Liaison (Substitute)
Subjects: Astronomy, Biological Sciences, Chemistry,
Earth, Environmental, and Geospatial Sciences, Physics, Mathematics
Room 121

Lehner-Quam, Alison
Assistant Professor
B.A., University of Washington; Certificate, Yale; M.S.L.S., Columbia University; M.S., Lehman College
Education Librarian
Subjects: Literacy/Special Education, Early Childhood/Childhood Education, Middle and High School Education
Room 318A

Lerski, Martha
B.A.; University of Pennsylvania; M.L.S., Queens College; CAS Digital Libraries, Syracuse University
Business Librarian
Subjects: Business and Economics
Room 107

Munch, Janet Butler
B.A., Mercy College; M.L.S., Pratt Institute; D.L.S., Columbia University
Special Collections Librarian
Subjects: African and African American Studies , Archives (College Documents), History, Irish
Room 230

Poggiali, Jennifer
Assistant Professor
B.A., State University of New York College at Geneseo; M.S., Pratt Institute; M.L.I.S., Pratt Institute
Instructional Technologies Librarian
Subjects: Art, Italian
Room 108

Schlesinger, Kenneth
B.A., University of California, Berkeley; M.F.A., Yale School of Drama; M.L.S., Pratt Institute
Chief Librarian
Subjects: Journalism, Communication, and Theater
Room 213

Walker, Stephen
Assistant Professor
B.A., Iona College; M.L.I.S., Long Island University; M.S.Ed., Baruch College
Head of Access Services
Subjects: Textbooks and Videos
Room 129

Wallace, Edwin
Higher Education Associate
B.A., Hunter College; M.A., M.L.S., Queens College
Periodicals Librarian
Subjects: Anthropology, Music
Room B04

Wright, Robin
Assistant Professor
B.A., Princeton Univ.; M.B.A., Baruch College/Mt. Sinai School of Medicine; M.L.I.S., Pratt Institute
Health and Human Services Librarian
Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing, Social Work, Speech, Language, and
Hearing Sciences
Room 105

Adjunct Library Faculty

Plann-Curley, Brendan

Hernandez, Jessica

Sager, Paul

Saw, Kevin

Soto, Ralph

Stern, Catherine

Tamborrino, Victoria

Emeritus Faculty

DeMinco, Sandrea
Emeritus Associate Professor

Diamond, Harold
Emeritus Professor

Ostrow, Rona
Emeritus Professor

Shannon, Michael
Emeritus Professor

Voge, Susan
Emeritus Associate Professor

Argenti, Deborah
Room 123

Darby, Patricia
Room 120

Del Castillo, Bienvenida
Room 120

Galarza, Mariela
COA-Library Office
Room 213

Laper, Eugene
CAA-Interlibrary Loan
Room 110

Mena, Elizabeth
COA-Stacks Supervisor
Room 122

Ruiz, Carlos
COA-Circulation and Reserve
Room 318

Santiago, Evelyn
Room 111

Soto, Madeline
CAA-Library Administrative Assistant
Room 215

Books and technology, print and electronic documents, databases, Special Collections, and multimedia are the various formats of the 21st century academic library. Providing both physical and virtual space, websites, and Group Study Rooms are some of the challenges in operating a Library round-the-clock, in a 24/7 digital environment.

We are proud of our light-filled building, and committed to outstanding user services. Ultimately, the strongest feature of our Library is our faculty and staff, who always seek ways to serve you better.

Kenneth Schlesinger, Chief Librarian

The Library supports Lehman’s educational mission, and is committed to providing staff, facilities, resources, technology, and services that meet the information and scholarly requisites of the College community, help foster personal and professional development, and inspire lifelong learning.

We are dedicated to:

Providing a friendly, welcoming environment

Maintaining a comfortable, attractive facility that promotes research and inquiry

Acquiring print, electronic, and multimedia resources that address curricular and research mandates

Encouraging information and computer literacy through instruction

Adopting innovative technologies that enhance research, teaching, and learning

Serving as a portal for acquisition and dissemination of scholarship and knowledge

Supporting research needs of the CUNY community and affiliates, as well as patrons consulting the Federal Government Documents Depository and Special Collections.

The Library collaborates with discipline faculty by encouraging the intellectual development and success of students. As Lehman students prepare for careers in a globalized society, they gain an appreciation for liberal arts, sciences, and current technologies.

Library faculty and staff promote a welcoming and user-friendly environment with flexible spaces for study, reflection, and group collaboration. The Library facilitates access to books, journals, documents, and multimedia - and features computer labs, exhibit, and public lecture spaces.

Curriculum and research support are delivered through accessible digital technologies, both onsite and remote. Library faculty provides point-of-need group and individualized research consultations - and is embedded in online teaching modules. Innovative and assistive technology devices engage students and their diverse learning styles through virtual instructional units, personalized consultations, and information literacy instruction.

Library faculty is recognized as campus leaders in fostering critical inquiry and development of skills needed to fulfill course research requirements, stimulate discovery, and engender lifelong learning.

Helping students and faculty navigate the complex information landscape draws on library faculty’s subject knowledge, search expertise, informed collection development competencies - as well as knowledgeable referrals.

Library faculty endorses best practices and invests in ongoing professional development for outstanding public services. We maximize deployment of innovative, emerging technologies, acknowledging the transforming needs of our multicultural, urban campus and the surrounding Bronx community. Ongoing assessment of library operations enhances its contributions to the College and creates a dynamic learning environment.

As a central locus of teaching and learning, the Library is pivotal in supporting Lehman College's undergraduate and graduate programs - as well as promising high school students and Doctoral candidates.

How Friends of the Leonard Lief Library Can Help

Friends of the Lehman College Library provide private financial support for collections, electronic resources, and competitive facilities and technology. As the portal to print, electronic, and multimedia resources, today's libraries face increased demands with rapid developments in data management and information technologies. Moreover - given escalating costs of library materials - support of Friends of the Library is more timely than ever.

By making a minimum gift of $50, you invest in the Library's future and are granted access privileges and related benefits. Larger gifts provide even enhanced assistance for sustaining the augmenting information resources required for students and faculty.

Benefits for Friends of the Library

Daily access to a comprehensive college library

Research support from qualified reference librarians

Book borrowing privileges

Announcements of book sales and special events

Library newsletter

To make an online donation, please visit our 'Giving to Lehman' page.

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