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Program Advisors

Graduate Program Advisors are faculty members that assist you in obtaining information about the graduate degrees offered at Lehman College, meeting the graduation requirements set forth by the Graduate Division, and planning your schedule of courses. You should reach out to a program advisor when you are interested in a specific program, before you enroll in your first semester, and before each registration period to discuss your program of study.

Academic Advisors


School of Arts and Humanities:

Art Dannielle Tegeder FA 009 718-960-6762
English David Hyman CA 385 718-960-8506
History Jose Rénique CA 298 718-960-4998
Music Penny Prince MU 311 718 960-7796
Spanish Literature Oscar Martin CA 270 718-960-8277
School of Continuing and Professional Studies:
Liberal Studies Timothy Alborn CA 297 718-960-2267

School of Education:

Certification Officer: Vanessa Rojas-Jones (718-960-8423, Carman Hall B-33)
Students accepted into an educator preparation program must also schedule a meeting with the Certification Officer during the first semester.

Counseling, Leadership, Literacy and Special Education:

Bi-Lingual Ed: Early Childhood & Childhood Sheila Blachman CA B20 347-577-4081
Counselor Ed/School Counselor Stuart Chen-Hayes CA B01G 718-960-7304
Educational Leadership Janet DeSimone CA B53 718-960-4993
Gifted and Talented (Online program) Sheila Blachman CA B20 347-577-4081
Literacy Studies Limor Pinhasi-Vittorio CA B17B 718-960-7205
Organizational Leadership Janet DeSimone CA B53 718-960-4993
Special Ed:
Child (single & dual cert.)
Adolescent (single cert.)
Faith Muturia CA B053 718-960-7305
Special Ed: Early Child
(single & dual cert.)
Barbara Gottlieb CA B01E 718-960-8183
Special Ed: Advanced Cert. (Birth-Grade 2, Grades 1-6, Grades 7-12) Barbara Gottlieb CA B01E 718-960-8183

Early Childhood and Childhood General Education:

Art Education Andrea Zakin CA B52 718-960-8198
Early Childhood Cecilia Espinosa CA B07 718-960-8915
Childhood Anne Marshall CA B49 718-960-8513
Bilingual Extensions See Middle & High School

Middle and High School Education:

English Amanda Gulla CA B29C 718-960-5747
English Tiffany Dejaynes CA B29K 718-960-6780
Mathematics Orlando Alonso CA 240 718-960-1174
Mathematics Celia Cruz CA-B29I 718-960-5606
Science Wesley Pitts CA 232 718-960-6097
Science (FELLOWS) Gillian Bayne CA 232 718-960-2486
Social Studies Daniel Stuckart CA B29M 718-960-8440
Social Studies Sherry Deckman CA B29M 718-960-8701
Spanish Teaching Adam Yuro CA B29F 718-960-8171
TESOL programs & Bilingual Extensions
(Birth - Grade 12)
Joye Smith CA B29G 718-960-7242
TESOL programs & Bilingual Extensions
(Birth - Grade 12)
Cecelia Cutler CA B29K 718-960-8896

School of Health Sciences, Human Services, and Nursing

Health Ed./Promotion (MA) Craig Demmer GI 334 718-960-7313
Health Teacher
(M.S. Ed.)
Lisa Fusco GI 336 718-960-8085
Human Performance and Fitness (MS) Bradley Schoenfeld AP-219 718-960-1999
Nursing Eleanor Campbell T3-202 718-960-8393
Nutrition Lalitha Samuel GI 413 718-960-2421
Recreation (M.S. Ed.) Hyangmi Kim AP 267 718-960-8067
Social Work Jessica Kahn CA-B18D 718-960-8964
Speech Pathology Peggy Conner SP 134 718-960-8030
School of Natural and Social Sciences:
Accounting Linda Tauber CA 370 718-960-8389
Biology Eleanore T. Wurtzel SC 2406 718-960-8643
Business Linda Tauber CA 370 718-960-8389
Computer Science Gwang Jung GI 100C 718-960-8785
Geographic Information Science Juliana Maantay GI 325 718-960-8574
Mathematics Joseph Fera GI 100B 718-960-5112

PhD Program Advisement:

Biochemistry Edward Kennelly DA 123 718-960-1105
Biology Dwight Kincaid DA 218 718-960-8651
Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, & Behavior Joseph Rachlin DA 233 718-960-8239
Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology Haiping Cheng DA 209 718-960-7290
Nuerosciences Haiping Cheng DA 215 718-960-8091
Physics Dimitra Karabali GI 136 718-960-8773
Plant Sciences Eleanore Wurtzel DA 118 718-817-8643
Psychology Suzanne Yates GI 004 718-960-8685