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Education, Teaching, Learning, AssessmentEducation, teaching, learning, assessment, students are words that are at the core of all the work we do. But add to the mix: technology, new media and 21st Century education and the methodologies we use to meet learning objectives are being transformed.

The goal of the School of Education Office of Educational Technology is to support faculty to incorporate new technologies and digital media seamlessly into our work, from coursework to assignments to meeting standards and learning objectives, from classrooms and teaching environments in Carman Hall to online student/peer/faculty collaboration, from research to assessment, from meeting the needs and challenges of preparing teacher candidates to ensuring student achievement and success in our public schools. As the first draft of our technology vision statement announces:

Lehman College School of Education educators effectively and seamlessly weave technology into a strong foundation of content, cognitive and social emotional processes, and pedagogical knowledge using professional expertise of 21st Century tools and skills.

Since 2007, the School of Education has been evaluating and integrating new pedagogies and technologies into our classrooms and coursework. Since 2008, hard-working faculty leadership teams have been developing and analyzing best practice uses of technology in education, both at the college level and for integration in K-12 schools. We are committed to understanding the media-rich environment today’s digital generation is growing up with and aim to prepare them intellectually and socially to use the tools at their disposal and to know how to find information and turn it into knowledge. 

Initially the Office of Educational Technology work was primarily geared towards faculty professional development, as well as a number of projects that were offered directly to students. Since then our office has focused on student success -- primarily providing technology support to students as they engage with teacher certification and edTPA requirements. Additionally, we collaborate with faculty to design online resources and support material for student certification exams.