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During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the Department of Counseling, Leadership, Literacy and Special Education continues to remain open via our remote office:  (845) 580-4154. 

Click here for information on advisement. 

School of Education (SOE) offices and support services also continue to be available remotely.

From the Chair, Dr. Janet DeSimone

Janet DeSimoneWelcome to the Department of Counseling, Leadership, Literacy, and Special Education. Our department houses a variety of outstanding and unique graduate degree programs in counselor education, organizational and educational leadership, literacy studies and special education, with each culminating in a master’s degree or an advanced certificate and most leading to New York State Certification.

Our programs integrate practice with theory and are guided by the School of Education's Lehman Urban Teacher, Counselor, Administrator Education (LUTE) conceptual framework. Extensive student teaching and/or field-based experiences are central throughout our programs. Students are expected to develop their skills and capacities as teachers, counselors and/or educational and organizational leaders through both on-campus and work-based experiences, with current practitioners in schools, districts, nonprofits and/or community-based organizations. Our programs also emphasize action research, using data to identify and close educational gaps and require students to apply the knowledge, skills and dispositions acquired throughout their coursework to develop solutions to classroom, school and organizational problems.

Our faculty are committed to excellence in scholarship and teaching and are recognized for their work with Bronx and urban schools, districts nonprofits and other community organizations and strive to provide transformational learning experiences for our graduate students. They are experienced in meeting the needs of adult learners and are dedicated to mentoring, motivating and supporting our graduate students through consistent advisement, engaging instruction, continuous program improvement and career placement.

If you would like to inquire about one of our programs or have a specific concern, complete an inquiry form here.

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Email/phone office hours are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm unless otherwise noted (lunch hours will vary)

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