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Educational Leadership


The teacher certification office provides guidance to candidates who are completing or have completed a Lehman College Teacher or Leader or Counselor preparation program that is designed to lead towards New York State certification. Upon official completion of a specific educator program and meeting Lehman College’s certification requirements, the candidate would be eligible for a college recommendation using a program code, which is supplied by our office. Before students complete their Teacher or Leader or Counselor program at Lehman, they must create a New York State TEACH Online Services account and submit an application & fee payment online for their certificates using the program code. New York State certification is the primary credential needed to teach anywhere in New York State including New York City.

At Lehman College, every degree and certificate program has different requirements and each individual student has his/her own specific requirements based on how much is already met/not met. It is important to check in with the Certification Officer in addition to your own program advisor! You must review and confirm your specific certification requirements once you are enrolled in an education program at Lehman.  

Announcements from New York State Education Department (NYSED)

NYSED-OTI will allow DASA workshop approved providers to offer the entire 6 hour training session online temporarily during the COVID-19 state of emergency. See Memo.

Memo from NYSED to verify employment of Certified Individuals with Expired Initial Certificates:

  • A certified individual may continue to be employed after his/her certificate has expired.
  • The applicant must have applied and paid for their next level certificate application.
  • The employer may verify submission or an application and the required documents in TEACH while approval by New York State Education Department -Office of Teaching Initiative is pending.

For additional information regarding the following, please visit the NYSED webpages below:

About Exam Safety Nets

Effective March 14, 2017: Elimination of the Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST) for Teacher Certification

Contact Certification Office

Exam Prep & Support > Blackboard Organization: School of Education Student Modules

The School of Education and CUNY have created a number of certification exam preparation online resources for current candidates (enrolled in education courses) that can be accessed from your Bb account. Lehman alumni or other CUNY education students can self enroll. Please see how to find the resources in the "Exams - Prep & Support" section of our website.

Lehman Library Resources

Use the tabs to look for Library Certification page resources to help you prepare for the CST and EAS exams. These resources will be updated as new materials are sent to the library.